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All of your senses are magnified and all of your emotions are doubled. You are alive! Thats what its like to ride a motorcycle. It doesnt mater if you are riding an beautif classic, or a new electric high end motorcycle. Discover the most awesome motorcycles!

OX One motorcycle - the ultimate electric cafe racer

The OX One electric motorbike modernizes vintage cafe racer styling. This unusual bicycle is ideal for urban settings. Its peak speed is 110 km/h, and its range is 100 km. It will also include an integrated navigation system and a smart assistant.

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Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Off-Road Motorcycle

Sur Ron's one-of-a-kind off-road motorcycle is every off-road enthusiast's dream. Its lightweight and fast acceleration make it one of the most efficient electric motorcycles on the market!

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The new Zero DSR/X Electric All-Terrain Motorcycle is awesome

Zero has just released the Zero DSR/X Electric All-Terrain Motorcycle! The upright riding posture with high ground clearance, along with the fast and smooth acceleration driven by the Z-Force 75-10X, Zero's newest direct drive motor, gives you confidence on your ride and allows you to tackle harsh terrain with ease. are in charge.

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Eysing Pioneer - classic electric moped

This Dutch startup is resurrecting the traditional moped in an electrified form. The Eysing Pioneer's design is reminiscent of early bikes from the 1920s and 1930s.

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Cake Kalk& | The street legal off-roader Electric Motorcycle

The new generation of electric motorcycles bring cool new developments within the sometimes traditional market. Cake is a forerunner featuring unique designs, with the Kalk& being one of the most popular models.

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Brekr Model B Electric Moped

The Brekr Model B is an electric moped that brings classic design to the new century. Check out this unique design.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycle

Suitable for all roads, even if they are not there! Royal Enfield is known for many expeditions through the most varied landscapes and terrains. Check out their Himalayan!

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Zero SR/F Electric Motorcycle

The SR/F is at the most awesome Zero bike on the market and delivers with a simple twist of the throttle a torque of 190 Nm and a power of 110 hp.

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