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Whether you are an avid car fan or enjoy great engineering in general. Within this selection you can enjoy the best car-related articles. From the latest concept cars to unique classics, everything is covered here! Enjoy and check the most recent car articles!

The brand new Audi Q8 E-Tron

The newest model of Audi's luxury EV series, an electric crossover SUV with up to 718 lb-ft of torque and 373 miles of battery range, was just unveiled. Read all about it here on Super Awesome Shit!

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Cost of a new Ferrari Purosangue SUV is four times that of a Porsche Macan

It was only recently introduced and is already a hit. Despite its high price. We're talking about the new Ferarri Purosangue here! Read all about it here and check out this amazing machine.

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Lightyear 0 | the world’s first production-ready solar car

Lightyear launched the world's first production-ready solar car this month, capping off six years of innovation. Check out this unique car!

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Audi hopes that the RS Q e-tron will kick off an electric revolution in the Dakar rally.

Almost a year after revealing its concept for an electric Dakar car, Audi has now revealed the RS Q e-tron, as it will be known. Audi hopes that the RS Q e-tron will usher in an electric revolution in the sand dunes.

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Cadillac CELESTIQ ultra-luxury electric sedan

Cadillac releases its new CELESTIQ electric sedan. This is the type of car you buy to sit in the back seat. Check out this unique and luxurious car!

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Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept Car

Hyundai has developed a number of cool concept cars in recent years. Each and every one of them has a CyberPunk look with a retro 80s vibe. The latest addition to this is the Hyundai N Vision 74!

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Land Rover Defender 90 Tophat

Talking about a super awesome car… This Land Rover Defender 90 Tophat is everything an offroad enthousiast can wish for!

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The new Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai just announced their new Ioniq 6 EV. This awesome car has its design borrowed from the "Prophecy" concept car.

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Original 1967 Ford Mustang renewed build from Clive Sutton

Clive Sutton is one of the UK’s leading luxury and performance car dealerships with a focus on American car imports. Check out the original 1967 Ford Mustang renewed build!

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DeLorean Alpha5 Electric car

The American car brand DeLorean, famous for the DMC-12 from the Back to the Future movies, showed the first images of its new Alpha5 electric car.

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