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Brekr Model F E-Bike - A stylish and practical fatbike

The [Brekr Model F]( from the Netherlands is one of the coolest-looking electric bikes we've lately seen. This stylish vehicle intends to provide urban commuters a transportation alternative.

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Ploov electric heated pillow - Must have for the winter!

The Ploov is a wireless heating pillow with infrared technology and a rechargeable battery. Choose one of the 3 heat settings and enjoy cozy warmth for hours.

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The brand new Audi Q8 E-Tron

The newest model of Audi's luxury EV series, an electric crossover SUV with up to 718 lb-ft of torque and 373 miles of battery range, was just unveiled. Read all about it here on Super Awesome Shit!

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Local Rock House by Pattersons

An expatriate family's home in New Zealand is created by this design. It is situated immediately above a white sand beach with pohutukawa trees on a steep, east facing coastal escarpment. For this family, it aims to generate a "feeling of place in New Zealand" through its materiality and composition.

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Wonderfull engraved wooden birth commemorate by NoestStore

What a lovely way to commemorate the birth of your daughter or son with an engraved wooden plaque with the birth data.

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Apple’s new iPad 2022 model - It looks awesome

Apple has released a significant update for the iPad. The new model is different in that it no longer has a physical home button. The tablet also boasts reduced bezels and a screen that is 10.9 " in size.

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OX One motorcycle - the ultimate electric cafe racer

The OX One electric motorbike modernizes vintage cafe racer styling. This unusual bicycle is ideal for urban settings. Its peak speed is 110 km/h, and its range is 100 km. It will also include an integrated navigation system and a smart assistant.

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A Comprehensive List of GTA VI Videos: How They Were Leaked and What They Reveal

The latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto game series, titled GTA VI, is still under development. As such, very few details are known about the upcoming release. However, leaked videos have confirmed that some sort of game bearing the title GTA VI is in production.

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Sur Ron Storm Bee Electric Off-Road Motorcycle

Sur Ron's one-of-a-kind off-road motorcycle is every off-road enthusiast's dream. Its lightweight and fast acceleration make it one of the most efficient electric motorcycles on the market!

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Cost of a new Ferrari Purosangue SUV is four times that of a Porsche Macan

It was only recently introduced and is already a hit. Despite its high price. We're talking about the new Ferarri Purosangue here! Read all about it here and check out this amazing machine.

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