A Comprehensive List of GTA VI Videos: How They Were Leaked and What They Reveal

The latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto game series, titled GTA VI, is still under development. As such, very few details are known about the upcoming release. However, leaked videos have confirmed that some sort of game bearing the title GTA VI is in production. The first sign of a new GTA game came when Rockstar Games released a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and buried it within that video was an image with the title; Grand Theft Auto VI. Later leaks exposed images from what appears to be the new game, but very little is known about how they were leaked or who might have leaked them. There has been no official word from Rockstar Games on how these videos were leaked, or why there has been such a long period of radio silence in regards to GTA VI following these leaks.

Check out some of the video’s here:

When were the GTA VI videos leaked?

According to PC Gamer, a member on the GTA Forums shared a 3GB file including 90 videos of GTA VI gameplay. It's unclear precisely how the video was obtained, but the "teapotuberhacker" poster claims to have been responsible for the unrelated Uber breach late last week and claims to be about to "release additional material," which might include the source code, assets, and testing builds for Grand Theft Auto V and VI.

What was in the leaked GTA VI videos?

The extensive leak is consistent with prior GTA VI news that featured video of a female playable character. Bloomberg said earlier this year that Bonnie and Clyde-inspired GTA VI will have two female characters.

The leaked films are presently being shared to several online gaming communities, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter. A playable female character by the name of Lucia is shown stealing a restaurant and holding hostages in one video. You can clearly see where the game engine is identifying items in the screen and there is a ton of placeholder text.

In accordance with rumors that the game is set in a made-up version of Miami similar to GTA: Vice City from 2002, another footage depicts a playable character riding the "Vice City Metro" train. In a different scene, a dialogue taking place by the pool is reminiscent to NPC talks in Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar.

Will the next GTA be set in Hong Kong?


The upcoming GTA 6 will be set in the US, as you can see from the trailers, despite long-running rumors to the contrary.

When can we expect the New GTA VI release?

The next GTA release likely won’t come until the developers feel that they have something worth releasing. While the latest leaks suggest that GTA VI is close to being finished, it’s likely that Rockstar Games will polish the game a bit more before releasing it to the public. As such, we can expect the game to be released sometime in 2023.

Author: Author: Eleon Jonker Eleon Jonker
Publication date: Sep 18, 2022