Saarschleife (Mettlach) - Meander of the river Saar

If you are in southwest Germany, a visit to the Saarschleife should not be missed. It may be the European version of the well-known Horseshoe Bend in the US. The River Saar flows through Mettlach. On the territory of the municipality, the river makes a U-turn, a meander, with the name :Saarschleife.

The Saarschleife is great to visit. During your visit you can easily park the car and then take an impressive walk via the treetop path. You walk a long wooden route through the treetops in the forest. The end point is a large tower that offers a view of the Saarschleife. The treetop walkway is also very suitable for children and is accessible with a pushchair or wheelchair.

If you have enjoyed the view, you can enjoy a drink on the terrace on the way back. There is also a special play forest for children, where they can have fun for hours!

Author: Author: Eleon Jonker Eleon Jonker
Publication date: Jul 31, 2022
Saarschleife Mettlach Treetop path
Saarschleife Mettlach
Saarschleife Mettlach lookout tower
Saarschleife Mettlach Playground
Saarschleife Mettlach
Saarschleife Mettlach View