Do iPhone 13 Cases Fit iPhone 14?

So you are wondering if the old iPhone 13 cases will fit the new iPhone 14. Simple awnser is: No they won't... Now let's explore the reason!

Even though the majority of the phone's dimensions and the size of displays haven't changed, iPhone 13 cases won't fit the new iPhone 14, which has slightly different proportions than earlier models. The new camera module is a different size than for the iPhone 13 cases, which is the second and most likely primary reason. The Pro and Max versions are also affected by this. The iPhone 14 range no longer support the "Mini" version.

Do not fret! There are several new, stylish cases available if you plan to get an iPhone 14! Therefore, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to get an excellent iPhone 14 cover for your new phone right away!

Once more, these minimal dimension changes (along with Apple's choice to gently reposition the buttons) mean that your iPhone 13 cases will not fit your new iPhone 14. Instead, whether you purchase third-party cases from accessory manufacturers or first-party cases from Apple, you will need to spend additional money on new cases on top of your new iPhone purchase.

Author: Author: Eleon Jonker Eleon Jonker
Publication date: Jul 29, 2022
Do iPhone 13 Cases Fit iPhone 14?